Case-by-case Digital Transformation

From our first exchange we will be able to determine what kind transformation scenarios your company will be able to undergo in order to target some of most important optimisations for your SEO, client outreach, social presence, sales targeting new customers, sales retargeting old cusotmers, sponsors, investors...etc. Whether you have a startup or an enterprise, whether it's in the biomedical domain or the art market, there are thousands of ways you can maximise your profit.

Corporate Branding

Our definition of corporate branding spans from image and luxury consultancy to dedicated customised generative art made specifically for your company. If you are not sure about enhancing your logo (brands like instagram and apple keep improving their logos) or pimping your website, you might want to check out our exclusive customised data art, algorithmic art and AI-generated art that could be composed of your company's data and turned into a timeless piece to brag about. Firthermore, we work with artisans for making handmade corporate art that can be used as gifts or souvenirs (coffee cups, t-shirts, mugs and other apparels).

SEO and Social Presence

Do you want that your company appears amongst the top results when searching for your domain or expertise? Do you want to have thousands of genuine subscribers and followers on your social networks (instagram, twitter, facebook, Linkedin)... We show you the way!

you have my attention

Fantastic! You are a step closer to your company's digital transformation and readiness for the future. This is how we do it:

  • You schedule a first call (using zoom, skype...) preferably with your CEO (general purpose) or CTO (IT specific).
  • Before the call, we research all about your company and its performace especially in relation with your competitors.
  • During the call, we might have a few questions before coming up with several solutions that can be adapted to your budget. Since we have no interest in selling you any products, the solutions we offer will be unbiased.
  • After the first call, you may choose to contact us for a follow-up based bon the solutions that you might adopt. We will be very glad to follow up with you.
  • Our company is based in France and we provide you with a bill for every transaction made.
  • Who are we?

    We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs, data scientists, statisticians, hackers, SEO experts, designers, artists... and we'd be more than happy to transform your company!

    Alaa Abi Haidar, PhD (CEO)

    A.K.A. Alan Abilion. Following a Masters in Computer Science and a PhD in Complex Systems (Informatics) at Indiana University, Al or Alaa continued his Postdoc research at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie in Collaboration with the Sorbonnes, BnF and other partners before working in the private sector at Snips (currently Sonos and mainly focused on NLP and language decoding through machine learning and deep learning) and Fortia (regtech and fintech financial solutions for the banking sector). For more info check out

    AI, Art and Humanity

    Alaa strongly believes that technology and art (the oldest form of technology) should be used hand in hand for buidling bridges and removing walls. Alaa hopes to inspire fellow entrepreneurs to adopt this belief and implement it in their companies especially for philanthropes and responsible businessmen.

    Maria Santos, MS (Branding)

    Following her Masters at Alba University, Maria is very excited to transform the theories of corporate branding into great graphics that will make your company stand out. For more info check out M.S.G.x.

    Art and Science

    Both art and science are fundamental for research and development. The truth (science) might be quintessential but without beauty (art) it might be harsh sometimes. That is why we hope to provide harmony using both!